Online Casino Parlay (Reverse Martingale) Play Strategy


Parlay System (aka Reverse Martingale System):
What is it?

The Parlay system is personally one of my favorite betting systems and its because its so easy to implement, and yet can lead to insanely big wins.  The basic idea is to set a certain goal (e.g., $100) in mind and then  start off with a small bet.  If you win, you take your winnings plus your initial bet and re-bet the entire amount.  You’re pretty much going “all-in” with your initial wager every time.  You keep doing this until you hit that goal – at which point you take your winnings and exit the game or re-start the entire process with the small bet.  If you lose before hitting your goal, you just keep betting the same small amount until you start hitting that big win streak.  You’d be surprised at how often you actually get into a winning streak and its always incredibly exciting to watch your small bet amount quickly balloon into a small fortune!

This strategy is great for situations like Red/Black in Roulette where your payout is 2x the bet amount

How to use the Parlay Betting System

The basic idea behind the Parlay betting system is to limit your downside by keeping your bet size small while still trying to capture big wins, notably by leveraging the wins you gain from the casino.


For those trying out this strategy for the first time, I strongly recommend trying this out on a table game where the odds of you winning are close to 50%.
These games are usually the ones where the casino will pay out 2x if you win – the most notable examples are listed below.

  • Black Jack (if you win, unless you have Black Jack, usually the casino pays out 2x your wager)
  • Roulette (Betting on black or red, or even or odd)
  • Baccarat (betting on player or dealer)

Note: You’ll be pleased to know that you can actually use this strategy for all types of games and wagers, even if they don’t offer 2x payout.

This guide will go over how to use this strategy on games and wagers that offer 2x payout, but you’ll be pleased to know that you can actually use this strategy for all types of games and wagers, even if they don’t offer 2x payout. For example, you can make bets on wagers that pay out 3x on roulette and still employ this strategy, but you should know that the higher the payout, the less likely it is for you to win, which means it will be harder to hit long win streaks that are needed to quickly multiply your initial bet.

Betting on red or black in roulette is perfect for this strategy


This is the most important step of the Parlay system.  Since this system requires you to keep betting your entire winning until you either hit your goal or you lose, you want to set a fairly reasonable goal.
The amount will really depend on how much your initial bet is going to be, but I personally like to set my target goal as 8x my initial bet amount.
So if I was comfortable betting $10 per hand, my target goal would be 8x that, or $80.
Where you set the goal really comes down to personal preference since the higher goal you set, the more runway you give yourself to really capture the gains from a long winning streak, but if your goal is too high, you may not be able to realistically hit it while you play.
Whether you’re a beginner or veteran, I definitely suggest trying it out a few times on trial or practice mode at the casinos recommended below to get a feel for how likely it is to get certain win streaks.

8x your initial bet is a good rule of thumb when setting target goal


As explained in step 1, make sure you are betting on a wager that typically pays 2x.
Once you’ve checked, go ahead and place your initial bet.
As an example, let’s say your initial bet is $10.

Since a winning bet on roulette red pays out 2x, this is a good wager for this strategy


The beauty of the Parlay system lies in its simplicity.
If you lose your first game, then simply start your second game with the same initial bet of $10.
If you win your game, then you won $10, so you will have a total of $20. Start your second game by betting all $20 on another wager that pays out 2x.

After winning initial game, increase bet to $20


Keep adjusting your bet size based on the guidelines set out in step 4 until you hit your target goal.
As I indicated above, usually my target goal is $80 so as soon as my bankroll hits or goes over $80, then I’ll take all my winnings and lock in the win by removing it from future play.
If you want to continue playing using the Parlay method, then you’ll start again with the initial bet amount of $10 and hope to maintain or hit another winning streak.

Return to initial bet amount after reaching goal

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Low cost, with big upside

The parlay system is a very thrilling way to risk a small bet in an effort to win big.  The risk you take on each hand is limited since you’re really only committing a small bet amount.
Once you begin winning, most of the chips you bet on each subsequent hand are chips you just won from the casino so it almost feels as though you’re betting with the casino’s money.
Obviously this isn’t the only way to bet small while aiming to win big money – you can place a small bet on something that has a higher payout such as a straight bet in roulette which pays out 36x, or take a spin on slots and hope for a jackpot, but the big difference is that you get to witness your initial bet quickly grow over the course of multiple hands, which can provide a different kind of excitement.


  • Possibility of giving up potential winnings

Since you’re constantly going all-in with your winnings, there is always the possibility that you will lose all of your winnings before you hit your target goal.
This is why its critical that you set your target goal to a reasonable multiple of your initial bet. For example, my target goal of $80 feels reasonable since if my initial bet is $10, I only have to win 3 times in a row to reach $80.
But even with this, if I lose the 3rd game, I would be losing my 40 dollar wager which means I would have given up all $30 I just won up to that point.


  • Initial bet amount should not be too big

At Casino Adventures, we always promote responsible gambling so we really want you to be careful when you decide how much to initially bet when employing the Parlay strategy.
A good rule of thumb if 1/20th or 5% of your total play budget. So for example, if you set a $200 budget, then your initial bet amount should only be around $5.
This is important because if your initial bet amount is too big compared to your total budget, there is a good possibility that you’ll use up all of your chips before hitting a good winning streak that allows you to recover all the losses up to that point.
For example, if your budget is $200 and your initial bet is $100, then you will have to win one of the first 2 hands. Otherwise, you’ll have spent your entire budget in a few minutes.

Applicable Games

The Parlay Betting System is best suited for use on games where you can make bets that pay out 2x your wager if you win.

There are a number of games that fit this criteria, but below are games where this system is used the most widely.


Bets on Black/Red, Even/Odd, High (1-18)/Low (19-38) are particularly well-suited for the Martingale betting system


Betting on the Player or Banker are good options for the Martingale Betting System

Black Jack

Martingale betting can be used here so long as the player sticks to usual basic strategy in getting “21”

Free Practice: Casinos where you can try this for free

One of the best features of online casinos is that you are able to practice your understanding of the game and test new betting strategies for free.

Whereas land-based casinos require you to learn via trial by fire, most online casinos offer a “practice” mode where they provide free casino chips to play on many of their games, all from the comfort of your own home.


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