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When it comes to the topic of strategies, our team thinks about this from 4 major angles.

The 4 areas we review are detailed below.

Word of Caution

While its very tempting to search for the ultimate strategy that guarantees winning at online casinos, readers should be aware that no such golden strategy exists. Popular Hollywood movies spread this myth (such as “21” which features Kevin Spacey), but the reality is, any site, book, or product that guarantees profit is a sham and should be approached with extreme caution. Casinos heavily vet all their games and all player behavior for any strategies that wildly swing the odds in the player’s favor to make sure these strategies don’t exist, and even if they overlooked one and a player were to explot it, you would hear about it in the news, and the casinos would quickly adapt to make it difficult to use again. We’ve heard from countless players who have purchased books online or paid to take seminars from people who guarantee profits while playing on online casinos, and all their stories ended in the same way – with losses on their casino account.
So when we talk about strategy on this page, we don’t want you to think that this is a guarantee that you’ll win. After all, its impossible to make such guarantees. What we want to do is discuss ways you can approach the online casino in order to maximize your odds of winning. Though statistically you may never get better odds than the house, you can certainly play in a way that will give the house a run for its money and maximize the odds of you finishing your night with profit.

1Pattern Strategy

While playing certain table games, there are times when it feels like there is a certain pattern that is dictating outcomes. For instance, if the ball ends up on black 10 times in a row while playing roulette, it can be tempting to think that the game is somehow on a “streak” and the ball will continue falling on black. Or to the contrary, maybe you feel that after falling on black so many times, the ball is “due” to fall on red. Similar feelings of patterns emerging and influencing the outcome of casino games can be seen in Craps, Blackjack, etc, but unfortunately, there really aren’t any proven strategies that use patterns to improve your odds of winning. This is actually a common myth called the gambler’s fallacy and is something that casinos bank on to get players excited and make wagers on improbable bets.
With online casinos, the games run on software which is programmed code, so it is theoretically possible for someone to find some kind of faulty code and exploit it to have a lucrative run, but this would likely be detected and fixed by the casino in a day – not really a dependable and realistic strategy we can recommend.

2Game Specific Technical Strategy

IF you’re looking for a way to really maximize your odds for specific games, then this is the section for you.  For certain games like Blackjack or Baccarat, there are ways to play the game that statistically maximize your chances of coming out ahead.  Again, these strategies do not guarantee that you will come out with profit, but using them will give you your best chance.  For instance, tons of studies have already been done to prove that during a game of Blackjack, if you reach a certain number, it is better to “stay” and rather than “hit” and get an additional card.  Intuitiavely this makes sense, in a game like Blackjack where the goal is to get as close to but not over 21, and you get cards that give you a total of 20, then getting an additional card seems like a bad idea.  There are plenty of strategic rules that are applicable for specific games, and we go through the most popular ones in detail below.

3Betting Strategy

While the section above will help you improve the odds of winning your hand, you also need to know how to bet wisely in order to maximize the odds of you finishing the night with net profit.  For example, if you’re going “all in” and betting all of your chips every single hand without any thought, you’re probably not going to be bringing home any chips at the end of the night. Insane amounts of research has been done on various ways to bet so it will certainly pay off to incorporate these findings so that you can achieve your optimal risk/return position.

4Bonus Strategy

This is often an aspect of online casino gambling that is overlooked by new players.  Unlike land-based casinos, online casinos offer incredibly generous bonus promotions to both new and experienced players.  We’re talking major bonuses such as a 300% matching bonus on first deposits.  This means if you deposit $100, the casino would give you $300 so that you start off with $400 in your online casino account.  There are a number of different promotions that are offered by various casinos so it undeniably pays to be aware of what promotions are being offered, and when they are being offered in order to further up your casino account.  Ultimately, even if you and the casino break even, these bonus promotions can be the element that pushes you well into the positive.

Summary for Online Casino Strategy

Overall, there are 3 major aspects to consider when discussing effective playing strategy on online casinos.

  • Leverage and Maximize Bonuses Promotions
  • Thoroughly understand game rules and well-studied game-specific techniques to limit or even get a slight advantage over the house
  • Learn well-researched betting strategy as a way to effectively manage your chips so that you can find that risk/return pont that best suits your personality and play style

Remember, practice makes perfect, so be sure to try out these game-specific and betting strategies on demo versions so that you are able to execute them perfectly during real play!

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