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INSTADEBIT Registration Guide

Posted On 13, June 2018


What is InstaDebit

InstaDebit is an online banking method of payment, primarily designed for Canadians. With InstaDebit, users can safely withdraw and deposit funds directly from their bank account when visiting online casinos. InstaDebit is totally secure and easy to use for both new and returning players.

How to Open an InstaDebit Account

To open an InstaDebit account, simply visit InstaDebit’s main page and click “Login/Signup”.



After clicking “Signup”, fill out all of the necessary information and click next to proceed.




Once you’ve finished entering all the correct information, click on “Add Account” to finish making your very own InstaDebit account.



The next page will contain all of the information of your new InstaDebit account. Before you can start using it however, you will need to verify the bank account you linked it to. After making your account, Instadebit will make a small deposit of under one dollar from your bank account. This process may take a few days but after the deposit appears on your bank statement, click on “Verify Bank Account” and input the amount that was deposited.


You’ll receive an email from InstaDebit’s security team, letting you know that your account is now verified and ready to be used. You’ll be able to deposit up to $1,500 within seven days.


Deposit Using Instadebit

With your InstaDebit account all set, you’re free to use it to deposit funds. A number of casino websites use InstaDebit as a method of deposit. This time, we’ll be depositing funds into Betway’s casino. After logging into your Betway account, click “Bank” in order to make a deposit.



A separate window will pop up with a variety of deposit methods. To deposit using InstaDebit, click the “Deposit” button next to the InstaDebit tab and sign in to your InstaDebit account.



Next, choose the amount of money you’d like to deposit. You can click other to deposit a specific amount but do keep in mind that the minimum amount required it $20.



You’ll be asked one last time for confirmation before finalizing your deposit. Simply click “Approve” to continue. Do keep in mind that whenever you make a deposit, there’s a small deposit fee of exactly $1.95. This is a fixed flat fee however, so you don’t have to worry about it ever changing based on how much you’re trying to deposit. Whether you’re depositing $5 or $500, the deposit fee will always be $1.95.



Your transaction will take a few seconds before going through. If you’d like you can click “Bet Now” to begin playing or “Make Another Deposit” to add more funds to your account.



With that, you’re finished! Your newly deposited funds will show up on the main page under your account name. Happy Betting!


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