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Ecopayz Overview

Opening an Account on Ecopayz

What is Ecopayz

Ecopayz is an e-wallet payment solution where players can create an online account and use that account to deposit into and withdraw from online casinos.
It works in the following way.

Online Casinos that Accept Ecopayz

24/7 EMAIL & CHAT how to play Visit Casino
24/7 EMAIL & CHAT how to play Visit Casino
24/7 EMAIL & CHAT how to play Visit Casino
24/7 EMAIL how to play Visit Casino
24/7 EMAIL & CHAT how to play Visit Casino

How to Open an Ecopayz Account

1Go to Ecopayz Site

Go to Ecopayz site by clicking on the banner below and click on “OPEN A FREE ACCOUNT”

2Input Account Information

Set up your account by inputting required account details such as Name, Address, Contact Information and then Click “CREATE ACCOUNT.”

Once you click “CREATE ACCOUNT,” your account will be immediately created and you will be directed straight to your new account.

Deposit Using Ecopayz

Ecopayz allows for many deposit methods such as bank transfers and credit cards so choose the one you’re most comfortable with. I typically deposit using bank transfers since there is ZERO fee for this method, but the downside is that it can take up to 5 days for the deposit to show up. You can also deposit using credit card and the deposit amount will show up immediately on your EcoAccount but this method does require you to pay around 3% as a convenience charge. Regardless of which method you choose, Ecopayz does a great job providing easy to understand instructions so you can rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands regardless of your choice!


Withdrawing Using Ecopayz

In order to withdraw funds using Ecopayz, you need to do 2 things.
(1) Upgrade your Ecopayz account to Silver Status (Free)
(2) Request Ecopayz ATM Card (aka Ecocard)
(3) Wait and receive your Ecopayz ATM card in the mail

1Upgrade Your Ecopayz Account To Silver Status

In order to upgrade your Ecopayz account to Silver Status, click “Free Upgrade” and follow the instructions. Silver Status is given to account holders that submit ID verification such as a copy of your passport and utility bill so that Ecopayz can confirm that the account holder really is the person they claim to be. This process ensures that there are no fraudulent activities done using an Ecopayz account.

2Request Ecopayz ATM Card

Once you have completed your upgrade to Silver Status, request an Ecopayz ATM card to be issued for free to your registered address by clicking on “ecoCard”



Once you click on “ecocard,” simply check all the registered mailing address and account address and officially submit your request for an ATM card by clicking “Continue.”

3Wait and Receive Your Ecopayz Atm Card In The Mail

Once the official request is sent, you simply have to wait for the Ecocard to get mailed to your registered address (takes about 2 weeks) and from there, you can use the card at any ATM to withdraw funds from your Ecopayz account!

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