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Sic Bo Guide

Sic Bo Overview

Sic Bo is a popular casino game where the dealer rolls three dice and the players wager on the outcome of the dice. The game is often called “Sic Bo” or Grand Hazard in English-speaking countries, but it can also be called Dai Siu, Tai Sai, especially in Macau or other Asian countries.
Its probably more common than Black Jack in places like Macau or Korea with huge crowds of people surrounding Sic Bo tables like Crap tables and is becoming increasingly popular in Australia and even the U.S.
In fact, casino cruises that go along the Mississippi river are well known to feature this game.
One of the big draws of the game is that it’s a table game where a small wager can win seriously large payouts based on what you wager on.
This section explains everything you need to know regarding the basic rules, how to play, and how to win.

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What is Sic Bo

Sic Bo means “precious dice” in Chinese and is an incredibly famous game in Asia where the goal is to wager on the outcome of three dice. It’s a bit similar to Craps in this regard. Players can wager on a number of different outcomes ranging from betting that one particular number will be rolled on any of the three dice to what the sum of all three dice numbers will be. After players place their wager, the dealer shakes the dice and reveals the outcome on the table. In an online casino game, the three dice might even be held in a small see-through case where once the wagers are placed, the dealer will hit a button on the table where the dice are all thrown into the air within the container, and you’ll be able to see the dice shake and come to a stop. The incredible thrill comes in waves as you see the dice come to a stop and reveal its number one by one in sequence! If dice games are something you like or always wanted to try, then this is a really good one for you!

How to Play Sic Bo

New players to Sic bo are often overwhelmed as the betting table can look complicated with many places to bet but this guide will go over all the rules and provide an easy to undertand guide that will help you get started.The goal of the game is to correctly guess what the outcome of the three dice will be (similar to the table game craps).


Like most betting games, the first step is to understand your wager options. Below are some of the most popular wager options with each representing different win odds and payout amounts.

Number Bet (GROUP A) – Recommended for Beginners

In a Number Bet, you are making a wager on one number between 1-6 and are betting that of the three dice, one of the dice will show that number.

For example, if you bet on the dice showing [3] and the dealer rolls a 1, 3, or 5, then you get a pay out of 2x (including your original bet).
If the dealer rolls a 3, 3, and 5, then the number [3] you selected shows up twice so you get a pay out of 3x (including your original bet).
This is incredibly rare, but if the dealer rolls a 3, 3, 3, then your number [3] shows up 3 times so you get a pay out of 4x (including your original bet).

Small or Big Bet (GROUP B) - Recommended for Beginners

If you bet on SMALL, then you are wagering that the sum of the three dice will be from 4-10.
If you bet on BIG, then you are wagering that the sum of the three dice will be from 11-17.
A winning bet either on SMALL or BIG will pay out 2x (including your original wager).
For example, if you bet $100 on SMALL, and the sum total of the three dice is 6, then you get back $200.

However, if there is a TRIPLE where all three dice show the same number, then you automatically lose the bet even if the sum total is within your range.
For example, if you bet $100 on SMALL, but the three dice all show [2], then the sum is 6 and would be between 4-10, but you would still lose this bet. Its similar to betting EVEN/ODD in roulette and having the roulette ball land on [0] or [00].

Pair Bet (GROUP C) - Recommended for Experienced Players

Section C is for players that want to risk a bit more and bet on the outcome of 2 out of the 3 dice.
There are 15 possible combinations.

As the odds of winning one bet on a specific 2 dice combination is quite low (just under 8%), a common strategy that is often used in Asian casinos is to hedge the Pair Bet by placing a separate Number Bet.
This way, if you miss the pair bet, you may still be able to fully recover your loss by winning the number bet.
For example, you may make a $10 Pair Bet on [1] and [3] and also make a separate $10 Number Bet on [1].
If the dealer rolls a [1], [2], and [4], you will lose your Pair Bet but you will win your Number Bet – a $10 win that covers your $10 loss for a net win/loss of $0.

As Pair Bets can have payouts of up to 10x or 11x depending on where you play, this allows players to pursue significant upside in the case the Pair Bet hits while also mitigating potential losses.
However, this hedging approach can also lead to significant losses as well if you miss both the Pair and Number Bet.

Total Bet (GROUP D) - Recommended for Experienced Players

The Total Bet is a wager on the sum total of all three dice.
You are able to bet on a sum total between 4-17 and the payout amount varies depending on the likelihood of that total.
For example, there are 6 possible dice combinations that total 10 whereas there is only 1 combination that totals 4 so betting on 10 will have a lower potential payout then betting on 4.
Similar to the Pair Bet, since the odds of successfully hitting a single Total Bet is quite low, players often hedge this bet by betting on SMALL/BIG.
An example of this strategy would be the following,
$50 on SMALL
$25 Total Bet on [9]
$25 Total Bet on [10]
With the above, even if the sum of the three dice is 6 and you miss both Total Bets, you will win $50 which will fully recoup your losses on the Total Bets.

As different Total Bet numbers have different payouts, the chart below can be used to assess preferred odds and payout potential.

Double Bet (GROUP E) - Recommended for Very Experienced Players

The Double Bet is a wager that 2 of the 3 dice will show the specified double.
This is an incredibly risky bet.
The odds of getting a double to begin with are pretty low (less than 8%) but even if you get this, the odds of getting the specified double is an additional 1 in 6.
However, like most casino payouts, high risk is often rewarded with high return.
If you do win a Double Bet, you get a payout of 11x including your original wager.

This bet is also often hedged with a Number Bet such as the following.
$30 Number Bet on [5]
$30 Double Bet on [5] and [5]
If you lose the Double Bet, you still have a chance to fully recoup your loss so long as 1 dice shows a [5].
If you do win the Double Bet, then you get back $390 on a $60 bet.

Any Triple (GROUP F) - Recommended for Very Experienced Players

The Any Triple bet is a wager that the 3 dice will roll the three same numbers. The numbers do not have to be specified.
A wager here will count any triple whether its 1-1-1 or 5-5-5 as a win and will yield the same payout at 30x including the original wager.
Obviously an extremely difficult wager to win at less than 3% odds, but the feeling you get when you do hit this is hard to put into words.
You feel like Nostradamus.

Triple Bet (GROUP G) - Recommended for Very Very Experienced Players

Easily the most difficult bet to win probability wise in Sic bo, the Triple Bet is similar to the Any Triple Bet in Section F but you must also specify what type of triple will be rolled.
If you manage to win this wager, your payout will be 180x including your original wager.
If you are making Triple Bets (on purpose), you probably do not need to know about specific hedging strategies or really anything else about Sic bo rules.


You can make a wager by clicking an area of the Sic Bo table where you want to bet (just like on the roulette or baccarat table).

STEP 3Click "ROLL" to begin the game

STEP 4Check the Dice Outcome

Whether you win or lose your wager depends entirely on what numbers the dealer rolls on each of their dice so you will need to follow the dice outcome.


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