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Known for its incredible jackpot payouts, slots is one of the most iconic games associated with casinos.  Typically played in a 1v1 setting where you are playing against the machine (casino), playing slots has become even easier, more comfortable, and all around better when playing at an online casino.  We go through all of the rules in detail here and make the case that if you are someone interested in playing slots, then you’re in great luck because almost all online casinos provide some type of free bonus that allws you to try their slots (in real money mode) for free!

What is Live Casino

Live Casino is a game category offered on online casinos where you can play a variety of table games such as roulette, black jack, and baccarat against a human dealer in real time as opposed to a computer algorithm. Its incredibly thrilling since its pretty much as close to playing in a land-based casino as you can get without actually being there. The live cam is set up to show the dealer actually dealing the cards (or spinning the ball in the case of roulette) and your screen is interactive so you can make bets in real time. In fact, in a lot of ways its even more convenient than a land-based casino since they’ll usually let you bet with very small minimums such as $1 or even less which you’ll never find at a land-based casino.

The small downside is that since its real time and they are modeling the environment of a land-based casino, everything moves a bit quicker and you’ll only be given a few seconds to make betting decisions before the play starts. This aspect is a bit different from playing against the casino’s software dealer where you’ll almost have unlimited time to make each bet and play decision.
New and prospective players should note that most online casinos don’t offer trial play for Live Casino – you’ll only be able to load the game and play using real money.

Play Live Casino

Below are some of the most common live casino games!

Live Casino Roulette Roulette Rules and Strategy

Live Casino Roulette Roulette Rules and Strategy

Live Casino Roulette Roulette Rules and Strategy

Live Casino Roulette Roulette Rules and Strategy

How to Play Live Casino

Prepare Chips

Before you begin play, make sure you have sufficient chips to play with by checking your balance and if needed, depositing funds into your account through the “Cashier” or “Bank” button.
The table minimums on Live Casino games can be very low, but they sometimes fill up so there’s nothing worse than finding a seat at the perfect table with the very attractive dealer only to find that you need to exit and reload your balance after one or two plays!

Select Game

Get into Live Casino mode and select the game of your choice.  If its your first time, we strongly recommend choosing a game you’re very familiar with.  The game moves quite fast and like any first experience, you may be a bit surprised by the speed of things, so choose a game where the rules and betting decisions are quite simple.  Roulette, for instance, is a great game to start with, especially if you’re comfortable betting on black/red or even/odd!

Select Table

For many popular games such as Roulette, Black Jack, or Baccarat, there will often be many tables available (just like at a land-based casino).  The actual tables can fill up since seating is limited so make sure you find one that’s both open AND has the minimum and maximum bet range that you’re comfortable with.

Select Seat

Once you choose your table of choice, you’ll find that you’ve successfully logged in once the screen loads and the live dealer shows up.  You may have to select your seat before you can begin betting.  Sometimes you’ll log in during the middle of play in which case you’ll have to wait a few seconds for that game to wrap up – as soon as the play finishes, you’ll be given an option to select your seat so you might have to be just a bit patient! Other times, you might be able to choose your seat or bet right before the play starts, but  we strongly recommend waiting for an entire play to finish first before you make any actions, otherwise you might get rushed into making a bet you didn’t originally intend!

Bet by Placing Your Chips

You’ll have a number of chips to choose from, each with different colors and different values, so click on the chip that has the denomination or amount you’re comfortable with, and then click on the bet area you want to wager on (e.g., if its roulette and you want to wager that the ball will land on a red number, then click on the red bet area).  Clicking on the bet area once will place one chip.  You can increase your bet amount by clicking multiple times.

Check Bet Amount

Once you finish putting down your chips, check your bet amount by viewing the “Total Bet Amount” section, usually on the bottom left or bottom right of the screen.  This is particuarly important if you’re the kind of player who bets on multiple outcomes such as roulette players that place chips on many individual numbers throughout the board.  In order to make sure you don’t lose track of how much you are betting per hand, you should always make sure to check your total bet amount before the play begins!

Canceling Your Bet

If you accidentally place too many chips, or you place your chip on the wrong section, or even if you change your mind, you can take back your bet by pressing the “cancel” button so long as you do it before the bet clock runs out.  There will usually be a number that counts down so make sure you finalize the correct bet amount before this time runs out since you won’t be able to make changes after the play begins.

Observe Live Casino Play Without Betting

So long as you have some real money available in your account, you will be able to load any live casino game and observe without betting.  Even if you don’t bet, the game will automatically start and after it ends, you will be given another opportunity to bet and join the game so take all the time you need to check out how the game is played, what the pace is like, what the dealer is like, and if there are any trends or streaks occurring!

Exiting Live Casino Mode

Once you’re done playing or observing, you can exit the game just like any other game by clicking the “X” or “Close” button at the corners of the screen.


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