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Comparison with other gambling

Comparison with other gambling

Compare with other gambling

Refund rate of horse races and boat races is 75%. I can not win.

There are various gambling in the world, but it is natural that you wish to win if you win money by any means. But it is not easy to always be positive with gambling. Everything publicly owned is uniform because “parents” are profitable and “child” is not profitable.

There is no gambling that parents will lose. "Make me win as much as possible" Game with gamble

Naturally casinos, lottery tickets and horse races are both business, so we will not go on to the extent that the operator side will lose. For example, if you are a lottery, a huge amount of expenses such as labor costs and expenses exist for the printing of lots and paper stocks, advertisement. If the sales of the Jumbo lottery is 10 billion yen, how much will it be refunded to how many people? To think about this, it is said that it is 40 to 50% in the lottery. In other words, I will return 5 billion yen, the remainder is the profit and expenses of the operator.

Likewise, for pachinko machines 85%, in the case of horse racing it is 75% refund, considering with Buddhist spirit, I do not even think that “they are also business as it is business”. But, if you think calmly, that earnings can be thought of as a violent thing, it’s a tremendous pinhone, or no, it’s really nasty.

But what I say online casino, is the computer the computer is not it? How much can you do with the other party? Is it? I think that there are also many people who caught it. But now the world pachinko and pachislot are all computer control.

Surprised refund rate! Is online casino a philanthropic project? Is it?

Sorry, exaggerated. Well charity project is really exaggerated, but over 96% is across the board. It is really funny. There are usually 96% or more, some in the near 99%, because it is a net, so expenses can be kept down and profits can be taken even if we return a lot to users.

This is a terrible merit indeed. You can think that there are lots of people winning that much. Also, if it is a good casino, I think that it is safe because it is the data publicly announced by the audit corporation. For example, there are also some of the leading companies in the world who said that price, waterhouse, coopers etc etc. If it is, it can not do the back side or inchikei. Just like the Japanese lottery, it is a tight gamble.

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