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Northern Sky Slots (CASINOLAND)

Hi, again! It’s Ellen here, back to try online casino play. After successfully taking on the roulette tables at an online casino, I decided that slots were up next.

Slot machines offer some of best fun at any casino. The flashing lights, captivating sounds and, of course, pulling that lever are all part of the draw so I was keen to see if an online version could live up to that excitement.

I’d heard good things about the online slot games at so decided to head there for my first round. Like you’d find in a state-of-the-art casino, there were a variety of slot-style games with some seriously cool themes!



My eye was instantly drawn to Northern Sky, and its glistening stag avatar. I’m an animal-lover but to be honest you’d be hard-pushed to find a theme that didn’t reflect at least one of your interests, whether it’s travel, history or fantasy. I figured I’d try Northern Sky first, but you’re not tied to any one game. With the convenience of playing online, you have plenty of time to play them all if you want. Another point to online game play and the accessibility it offers!

This particular game featured relaxing instrumental music playing in the background which was a far cry from a regular casino, but I welcomed it all the same. It went very nicely with the ethereal mountain graphics and as I was playing from home, it fit in with my usual peaceful environment there!

Every slot game uses the same rules but different symbols. Have a look under the info tab (the ‘i’ in the circle) to figure out what each one means. In this game the animal faces were the high paying bets so I was hoping to see some furry friends pop up on my screen.



The spin happens really quickly so it’s rather exciting, with the graphics seemingly dropping out of the beautiful sky back drop. The sparkles are dazzling and my heart beats just a little bit faster when I see them begin to form because I might just have a win! The sound effects with a spin were magical and honestly, I didn’t miss the lever at all. If you did, changing the settings to have your space bar as ‘spin’ could act as a great replacement.



I didn’t have much luck the first few plays. But the beauty of slot games is that you can bet low and play for a long time. However, I was putting on $5, which isn’t exactly nickels and dimes so I was starting to get quite tense as the symbols just weren’t matching up. It really does feel like being at that real life slot machine where you know you’re gonna get a break eventually but you need it to come sooner!



Yet lady luck works in mysterious way, after a short while some sparkling owls swooped in to save me! And what a save it was — they stayed for two more spins letting me accumulate a pretty nice chunk of change! Thank you kind owl! Didn’t I tell you I’m an animal-lover?! This type of victory is accompanied with bright sparkling circle graphics that highlight your winning symbols and some acknowledging trumpet music – fun!



The slot games on offer an engaging and comfortable alternative to visiting a real casino. Thanks to the graphics and themes, these would really appeal to those into video and cell phone games. For me, I think I started betting too big, with $5 a pop so next time I’ll start off smaller until I feel luck is truly on my side. I’m off to check out another theme and hopefully win again. Wish me luck!


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