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Casinoland Football Star Slots

What can possible be more exciting at a casino? Okay, I am sure there are many other things. The bright lights, the sense of adventure, the excitement of the win. Today let’s talk about online slot games, the atmosphere of the casino may not be there, but the excitement of the win still can be. This article will help those who are new to online casino games, specifically slot machines. Looking at a few different features and overall how to use them.
Online casinos can be just as easy to spend more than you want, it is always a good idea to set a limit for yourself and play responsibly.

When you first start this slot game, you see this screen. In the left bottom corner, the available credits are shown and next to that your bet amount. Your bet amount is something you control, there is a max and minimum bet and you can choose any amount in between. The second screen shot shows the min amount allowed to bet in this game. To choose the bet amount you click on the bet box and then click your bet amount.

Once you decide your bet amount then you click the spin box and all the rows will spin, the amount you have decided to bet is subtracted from your credits. There is also an option in this game for auto spin. In auto spin, all the other steps are the same, except you can let the computer spin either 10 or 25 times in a row before changing your bet.

While in auto spin, the computer tracks how many spins you have used. The stop feature next to the number of spins used (here you can see that 2/10 spins have been used in the photo below). If you click this while the rows are spinning, they will stop. This allows for greater user control, instead of letting it spin until the computer stops it you can control when it stops possibly increasing your chances of winning.

Yay! We have a match. The squares become animated in some way in the diagram below, you can see that the squares with the cleats have been given a blue background. While in the game that background is animated it blinks and swirls.

When you do win, the box that is labelled win will display the amount you have won. In the photo above a $2.00 pay out and in the photo below a $7.00 payout. That win amount is then added to you credits.

Once that process is done you simply start again, if you want.

Not all the glitz and glam of a physical casino and maybe that a good thing. Casino’s has an atmosphere and an expectation of spending money, perhaps playing from your phone or computer reduces that effect and makes it easier to only spend as much as you want. Then again maybe not. Either way online slots are relatively easy to use, Win or lose just have fun.

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