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Avalon Slots (ROYAL VEGAS)

Isn’t it nice when you don’t have anything to do on a Sunday? When I was a kid, both my parents and siblings used to be home on Sundays. We’d play board games and enjoy the day together, but now that we’re all grown and doing our own things, that doesn’t happen as much anymore. Nowadays, I mostly just catch up on sleep, relax with a good book, or hit the online world and play some games.


Today, I chose to go on Royal Vegas Casino and kill some time with the slots. I chose the one called Avalon in the slots category, mostly because the girl in the picture looked like a majestic angel. Then, I clicked PLAY NOW to play with real money.



The game is colorful and has so many buttons. At first, I thought about limiting my bets by selecting a certain number of lines, but then there was a chance I wouldn’t win as much. Betting more increases the excitement because the risk is so high. So, the only button I concerned myself with was BET MAX because I was ready to win the big bucks and it takes care of all the lines for you!



Starting with 60 dollars in credits, I pressed BET MAX (20 dollars), and there was no turning back. I couldn’t wait to see the lines light up and tell me I was a millionaire! Of course, that’s probably a bit too farfetched for a 20 dollar bet, but crazier things have happened. So why can’t they happen to me? Those wheels spun like crazy, stopping one at a time to burn me with anticipation.



As the slots started rolling, I saw a few of the same icons show up. Matching icons are good in slots, right? I may not understand much about how slot winnings are calculated, but that’s the basis of it all. I thought more Queens would show up on the top row when it started to slow down. Slots tend to get your hopes up about these things before stopping on the wrong notch…

When the slots stopped, I waited for the money to roll in, but I won ZIP, ZERO, NADA! Don’t worry, I’m not crying. There’s just a little dirt in my eyes…



Fear not, as I wasn’t about to give up! It’ll take more than a little slot machine to break me down. I pressed BET MAX again, and the wheels started rolling!



As the slots kept spinning, I just knew I couldn’t lose two times in a row. Not with betting 20 dollars each time. Rubbing my hands together, I waited for it to stop. For a moment, nothing happened. Suddenly, the lines started to flash, and the money was increasing at the bottom of the screen! I had just won FIVE DOLLARS!



I don’t fully understand how the winning lines work, but it always outlines it for you with flashing lines. As long as I won, I don’t care! 5 dollars is pretty nice, but I wanted to see if I could hit an even bigger number. So, of course, I hit BET MAX again.



I couldn’t wait to see what this next spin would bring! I was feeling lucky and my cheering voice was gearing up to shout with glee. The wheel stopped, and I didn’t know what happened. Then, I saw it…




I could have stopped and collected my money, but I just had to go one more time. Unfortunately, I didn’t win, and that was the end of my run. It was fun to play, and that was really my only goal today. Wouldn’t it have been great if I had won an even bigger chunk of money? Oh well, there’s always next time.

Pro tip: make sure to check how many lines you’re playing on and what you’re betting if you don’t want to do the max. If you’d rather play more spins with less money, make sure you pay attention to how fast the credits are falling!


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