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Winning is not nearly as easy as it

Hey y’all!

It’s me, Taylor, here. I just got back from the skating rink, and it feels like there’s ice in my bones. All I want to do right now is curl up under a blanket with some hot chocolate and have some fun from the warmth and comfort of my couch. What should I do?… Oh, I know! I was talking to my friend at the rink about arranging a poker night (I love poker!), and he told me that he’s been checking out some online poker sites and I should try one out. That’s definitely something I can do cuddled in a couch corner with a hot drink in my hand 🙂 But what site to try…? I glance up at the TV that’s been silently playing since I walked in, and see the word ‘Betway’ flash across the screen, with images of sports teams and poker plays intertwined. I smile. Well thank you, TV god, whoever you are; you have great timing. Betway, here I come…!

I didn’t know what to expect, but once I get to, it is pretty simple from there! I just click on “casino” on the upper left side of the screen, scroll down a bit, and since I love poker, I then click “video poker” which is more to the right side of the screen. After that, I scroll down to find a game to try. Hmmm…Oh! Double Joker Poker is in it’s own special row; seems like it’s just waiting there to be played. (Besides who doesn’t love a couple of jokers hanging around with the chance of getting one, if not both, in a single hand!)

Now, since I want to give the game a try, I simply hover my mouse over the name of the game and click on “practice play”.

The page opens up with a “How to Play” screen, displaying step by step instructions and details on how to play the game. For anyone that needs a gentle reminder, it’s right there! As simple as that! To the left of the directions, all possible poker hands are presented with their potential payouts. Beneath that is a little black box showing the practice credits I was given to try out the game. Wow, one thousand credits! This is going to be fun! I click on the blue button at the bottom of the screen to enter the game.


 I’m ready to start!!!

All the tools and buttons that I need are right there at the bottom of the screen. The four little black boxes show the coin size and amount of coins I am using, with the total bet right next to it. All the way on the right is the box that will show me how much I win. (When I win!) I can change the coin size by clicking the “+” and “-” under the black “coin size” box, as well as change the amount of coins by clicking the blue “coins” box. The amount of coins is already at the maximum of 5, which means the potential payout is at the maximum as well! I decide to keep the coin size the same, and click on “DEAL”!!! I wonder what my hand will be…

Even though I didn’t get any jokers (which would be a pretty sweet deal, since they act as wild cards), I still grin big as soon as I see my hand, because it’s not too shabby at all! I have a few options…

I can go for a straight, which would mean I’d definitely hold the 7, 8, and 9. Then I can either hold the 5 as well, which would mean I have to get a 6 drawn as the final card in the next four hands, or I could let the 5 go, which would leave me open to getting either 5 and 6, 6 and 10, or 10 and Jack as the final two cards. But…I see a better option! Three of the five cards are diamonds. A flush has a payout of 20, while a straight only has a payout of 15. I’d much rather go for the 20! I’m here to have fun and gamble!!!

So I click on the 8<>, the 5<>, and the 3<>. Then, I slide my mouse towards the “DRAW” button while crossings the fingers on my left hand. C’mon! I squeeze my eyes shut and slam down on my mouse.

****  “DRAW”!!!         ****

I warily open my right eye and do a kind of half squint at the screen….and my first goes pumping up right into the air.


A Flush!

That’s what I’m talking about! My gamble paid off and I got a final hand of A<>, 7<>, 8<>, 5<>, and 3<>! In the black “win” box in the bottom right corner, I see that I won five credits. Now I can either collect or double…I’m on a roll! Of course I’m going to double! I click on the “double” button, still keeping my left fingers crossed, and I hope for a low card to be waiting for me on the next screen…

Oh man, it’s an 8. That’s exactly the middle card, with six cards that have a lower value, and six that have a higher value. Right now, I’m really, really hoping for a 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, or Ace!!!! Since 8 is the middle card of deck, I decided to follow the theme and pick the middle card, hoping that it has a higher value than 8.

I eagerly click on it with my fingers still crossed…



And we all know….Ace beats 8!!!! I just doubled my winnings! Again, I have the option to double or collect. This time, I’m going to take my winnings and collect! I click on the “collect” button.

Right there in the bottom right corner, my winnings are now a total of 10 instead of 5! Man, I really should have increased the coin size and played with real money!

I bet you can figure out what I’m heading to do right now…!!!

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